Monday, August 3, 2009

this is home.

You guys remember this project, right? With Jeff from Booooooom? One of my favorite people ever? Good. [And while we're on the subject, you have like two weeks to purchase the LAST limited edition EVER. Go get 'em now, right here].

Anyway, it’s time for the second installment. Sadly, Jeff is totally booked, so I’m partnering with Christa Jonathan, who created one of my favorite postcards from the first installment, and together, we’re bringing you a fabulous series that I think will hit home for a lot of you.

Pun intended. The project is entitled ‘This is Home,’ and the format will be strikingly similar to our last project. Here’s the deal:

1. Send an email to
Whether you’re a writer or not, send us your favorite inspiring anecdote about “home.” One sentence only. [Hard, right?]. For example, “Home is the sound of rain on his tin roof.”

2. Watch
Watch the blog for your phrase, along with everyone’s phrase to be uploaded.

3. Send an image to
Create an image based on the phrases you’ll see uploaded on the blog. Choose your favorite and create something with it, whether it be mixed media, photography or graphic design. Any medium works; just be sure to send it to us!

4. Watch
Watch the blog for your image, along with everyone’s images to be uploaded.

5. Vote for your favorite image.
On August 31, submissions will be closed and you will have a chance to vote [via blog comment] for your favorite “finalist.” The 10 winners will receive their design in a limited edition postcard pack to be sold via

6. Purchase your postcard pack.
On September 15, postcards will be available in our Etsy shoppe, and you can spread the love of home wherever you go.

Sounds like fun, right? Of course, I’ll keep you updated as the submissions trickle in, but for now— put on your thinking caps and send us your favorite ‘HOME’ phrases!



  1. oh this is exciting... i hope i remember to enter something.

  2. la la la love this project!
    i'm in!

  3. This is really an exciting project you have going and I am really enjoying seeing others come up with really important things about "HOME".