Thursday, August 13, 2009

Graphic submissions

It's time for a few image submissions that have come in! Please note that if you'd like to submit your representation of a 'home' phrase, send it on over in the next few weeks and we'll post it right here!

Here we go...

[Cristian Oyharcabal]

[Sylvia Krzyzstofek]

[Chris Troncone]

[Marcela Velez]

[Fabiola Marchant]

[Tigz Rice]

[Caterina Nasini]

[Xandi Eleazar]

Such goodies! What does home mean to you? Email us with your images asap...
[Please remember to include the text you were inspired from somewhere on the image!]


  1. hmm, no images are appearing for me, just links to what looks like a private gmail account.

    I'm super excited to see what people have come up with!!

  2. Images aren't working for me either!

  3. sorry guys, we're working on it!

    christa & erin.

  4. these are really great! it's interesting to see the graphic interpretations.

  5. oh I'm glad I came back to look at these. they are so wonderful. i'm really feeling the two interpretations of "my home is like my head..." i love how different they are!