Thursday, September 10, 2009


Here are your semifinalists!

And now it's time to cast your vote. Leave a comment here or send us an e-mail — you have until Sunday 13 September to do so.

Congratulations to all who made this first cut and thank you to everyone who participated in this project. And thank you to those who promoted it on your blog/website/twitter. We know we keep on saying this, but you guys are awesome! (it's true.) Thanks for all your support! :)

your home-ies.

[F Inton]

[Jackie Bos]

[Lilie Melo]

[Lucy Player]

[Marcela Velez]

[Alyssa Duhe]

[Caroline Hancox]

[Christopher Bettig]

[Juliette Crane]

[Kristen Wulff]

[Luiza Holub]

[Christa Jonathan]

[Kate Blake]


[Michelle Porter]

[Nina Heryanto]

[Shirley Rusli]

[Havilah Savage]

[Dennis de Groot]

[Joetta Maue]

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Graphic Submissions #5 (the last one!)

hi all,

Submissions are now closed.
Thank you so much for your contributions, you guys are amazing!

We'll be back with a list of semi-finalists for you to vote on.

your home-ies.

[Patrice Tonnis]

[Tori Higa]

[Arlene Barbaza]

[Dennis de Groot]

[Andrea Heimer]

[Joetta Maue]

[Ida Sabitsana]

[Twinkle De Los Reyes]